Goa Beach Honeymoon

downloadGoa the fun capital of India is the perfect and ideal place for beach honeymoon. Predominantly known for its alluring natural beauty and attractions, the place has earned fame for being the most beautiful state and destination for beach holidays and tours. The long coastline of Goa has several picturesque beaches with azure water and serene ambiance where tourists as well as honeymoon can enjoy beautiful time together in the profound surrounding. More of all the sophisticated facilities like luxury hotels, café, shopping malls, well maintained law and order and more importantly the world class hospitality of the locals make Goa a perfect place to choose for beach honeymoon read more.

Goa beach honeymoon offer couples to celebrate their most important holidays of life with full of joy and happiness. Endowed with tranquil ambiance and solitude ambiance, some of the Goa beaches are the perfect for planning honeymoon, where you with your sweet heart can spend memorable time together basking in the glory of the sun or enjoy water sports in the azure sea water. It is truly an opportunity of lifetime to plan for Goa beach honeymoon.

There are so many renowned beaches in the world like Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore, but the charm and beauty of Goa is simply unmatched. Goa beaches are truly beautiful and so is the reason, there state receives huge inflow of tourists round the year and during the Christmas and New year, Goa is packed with national as well as international tourists. So if you are planning for honeymoon during the peak s

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Goa, The paradise of Asia

Goa is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in India. Year after year the number of visitors to the paradise of Asia is multiplying. Covered by Maharashtra, Karnataka and the Arabian Sea, it is one of the smallest states in India, still the best one in checking tourist flow. Goa boasts of a serene atmosphere along with the possession of world famous beaches. Other features like historic places and culture lure more and more tourists into Goa. Famous Goa churches (go>>) add religious charm to the society where as world famous casinos transform the external style of Goans. These churches date back centuries and most of them are still intact. It’s astonishing to find that this heaven like place evolved in all forms but still keep all its customary values undamaged.

The culture and social life of Goans are showcased by the mammoth architecture of churches and other ruins. They were built mainly when the Portuguese set their mark in India. Many factors push a tourist to pack his bag to this sacred place. Be it the golden sands of the beaches or be it the spice farms spreading the aroma, anything here is of supreme pleasure to watch and experience. The modern pubs and shopping malls offer a variety of stuff for the anxious travellers. There is nothing more to think about choosing Goa as the stay for vacation. A vacation to this natural paradise is an exceptionally good idea to spend a hard earned vacation, be it with friends or with family. Just shed off the dizzy schedules and tiredness and experience fresh air and water while surfing through the deep waters of Goa.

Reaching Goa is not that much of an ardent task as Rail, road and air ways connect without any hassles. The Dabolim airport there is situated 29 Kms from Panaji the capital city of Goa. If anyone is to reach by train, then alight at Margao or Vasco Da Gama which belong to the Konkan railway line. State owned bus services and those operating interstate services make it sure that bus availability to these areas is not much of a concern. Accessibility is not that much of an issue when it comes to the case of such asignificant tourist destination. Those who are interested to stay long hours in fresh water need not be heart broke as all type of refreshments in water are available. Those who are adventurous can take a chance and surf and indulge in other activities. Frequent exhibitions including art galleries will be set up at Goa as lucky tourists will have a chance to view some rare paintings and sculptures. Boating is a pleasure to experience through the silent waters where the waves silently kiss the rim of the boat and if lucky enough, the ones in the boat too.

It’s a great experience to visit Goa and its sure the visit will keep the minds of the tourists warm and relaxed. A lot of memories will immerse the tourists over the course of time. Our Holiday Packages in Goa (view more )are designed to fit every slot and no matter what your budget is, we always have the best for you. for more details visit : www.goatourism.org.in

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North Goa Beaches


Candolim is the first beach located 14 Km north Panaji in the state of Goa. The beach is part of a long extension of beach coastline along the Arabian Sea that begins at fort aguada  an end at chapora beach. This place also famous as it is the birth place of Abba Faria, considered to be one of Goan freedom fighters and the father of Hypnotism.


Baga is part of a 30 km stretch of beach coastline along the west coast of Goa by the Arabian See. That begins at fort Aguada continues as sinquerim Beach, then as can do lim beach and merge into calangute beach and them to Baga beach and then Anjuna beach and then to Vagator beach finally ending at Chapora Beach and fort.


The Beautiful beach in 22 Km from Panaji and is situated in Bardez taluka. This is part of a 30 km stretch of beach coastine along the west coast of Goa by the Arabian See  that begins at fort Aguada coutinues as sinquerim beach, them as Condolim beach merges into Calangute Beach and then to Baga Beach and then Anjuna beach and then vagator beach finally ending at Chapora beach and port.


Anjuna beach located in 18kms from Panaji and is situated in Bardez taluka. This is part of a 30 km stretch of beach coastline along the west coast of Goa by the Arabian sea that begins at Fort Aguada continues as Sinquerim Beach, then as Candolim Beach and merges into Calangute Beach and then to Baga Beach and then Anjuna Beach and then to Vagator Beach, finally ending at Chapora Beach and Chapora river and Fort.


With a magnificent 17th century fort which has now been converted into a prison. Sinquerim beach is one of the best beaches in Goa with international class facilities for water-skiing, para-sailing, fishing, scuba-diving and wind-surfing. Sinquerim is located some 13 km from Panaji. Taj Hotel group has set up the Heritage Complex here which dominates the headland around the historic Fort Aguada. There is uninterrupted firm sand from here all the way to north to Baga and if you want a long beach walk, there cannot be a better place to start from.

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This beautiful beach is located about 3kms from Panaji. It lies adjoining the estuary of the river Mandovi as it opens into the Arabian sea. It was originally known as the “Gasper Dias Beach”. From the beach across the river is an excellent view of Fort Aguada. Apart from its proximity to Panaji, it is very much commercialized and a large number of hotels and exclusive homes of Goa’s rich and famous stud the area.


Aguada beach is almost synonymous with the top-notch Fort Aguada Hotel complex, a superb hotel that is built on the cliff, around the remnants of the early 17th century Portuguese fort. Although access to the beach is not possible through the hotel grounds, which are private, you can walk along Aguada beach, for in India private beaches do not exist.

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Some of The Major Beach Attractions and Destinations in Goa

Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach one of the most visited beach in Goa. This beach located at a distance of 24km from Panaji, the capital of Goa.

Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach of Goa is hub of international tourists and the main reason for popularity remain the night party. Anjuna is a small village in Goabeach in Go. This place famous for its picturesque locale and the party culture.

Betalbatim beach

Betalbatim beach in Goa is situated just two km north to Colva and is a beach that has stretches of Golden sands where one can relax with the sound of swaying palms and the shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea.

Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula beach located jest about 7-km from Panaji.  This place is called couple paradise in Goa

Calangute Beach

Calangute beach in Goa is also known as the Queen of Beaches. November to February is the most pleasant to visit here. It’s 15km from the capital city Panjim.

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The Beach Destination That Has For You Everything

Goa is a fabulous beach destination with endearing scenic scattered with beaches of different types that offers incredible fun and enjoyment unlimited for everyone. It is a place where you can let off your hair and flee freely for holiday of any type.

The state being located on the south west region on the base of the Konkan region, it has vast coastline region fully of picturesque nature and it is here that the beaches lie scattered in different region of the state. The beaches that lie in its northern are more favorable for beach entertainment and excitements.

The beaches in Goa includes Anjuna, Vagator, Baga, Dona Paula and Bambolim are among the most popular and famous beaches that offers great deal of relaxation and recreational facilities for all travelers. These beaches has an excellent option for adventure enthusiast and holiday makers which ideal water sports recreational activities like swimming, river cruising along the Baga, Candolim and Calangute beach strips are all favorable for leisure escape to enjoy dinghy sailing, parasailing, scuba diving, water skiing, water scootering, windsurfing, jet skiing and banana boat riding are the best adventurous water sports applicable for all holiday makers.

Most of the beaches in Goa are well renowned as the best holiday destinations in the world. They give chances for millions of its traveler to enjoy a gratifying relaxed life style and experience the multiple culture and cuisine of this mix cultured state for which it has gained the admiration of tourist all over the world. Today the state is leading among the striking popular beach destinations of the world.

The popular beaches in Goa offer something for everyone that you will find hard to resist from it. From seafood shacks served in its simple but attractive little huts and restaurants will also give you happiness and satisfaction like anything. Watch out for its nightlife, as soon as the dawn hits the beach atmosphere and the city gives you a feeling of liveliness with vibrant parties, rolling shopping markets lining up the street with hues of attractive materials and that too with the cheapest of price every week at different sites.

For these the beaches in the north especially Anjuna flea market is quite popular among tourist and is quite benefiting for both tourist and local people. It offers everything at the cheapest of the cheapest price from food to clothing and other handicraft and artifact all are available with cheap price half and you can get things of those found in the shores and big markets at the cheapest or reasonable price for sure. Do not miss this out during your stay here.

If you have the passion and enthusiasm for shop, drink, enjoy music, party, water sports and roam around freely. You can do so as much as want or even more than your expectation for beach tours to Goa with beach holiday package.  So go for the package and get the best experience of holiday trip with it.

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Explore the Most Popular Beaches of India in Fun Loving State Goa

World famous for fun-loving culture, friendly people, mouth watering cuisine and several colourful festivals and carnivals, Goa is undoubtedly one of the most popular destination lies in the south-western part of Indian peninsula. Well if you are planning any kind of vacations and looking for a destination that promises a remarkable holidaying experience then look no further than Goa, a stunning emerald destination world-renowned as ‘Queen of Beaches’ as more than forty beaches, one can explore there. Every year tourist here from across the world with different holidaying purpose visit and come back with innumerable cherishing holidaying experience. Famous for natural splendour, colonial charm, delightful ambiance and excellent topography, it is one such state that never fails to grab the heart of any individual. Whatever is your purpose of visiting, it perfectly knows that how to make it possible in this state.

Though there are many attractions of tourist interest in this state but most of the tourists visit this state just to explore its stunning beaches which are in abundance. Beach tours to Goa take tourist in the stunning world of wonders and enjoyment and leave them spellbind. Encircled with dense green forest and experience the delightful ambiance there is something special about Goa beaches that persuade tourist to visit there from different parts of the world, throughout the year.

Beaches in Goa have become the most popular attractions in India as it attracts so many tourists from within and outside the world, all the year round. The major thing about Goa beaches is that they never remain silent or calm as there is some interesting thing always going there such as beach and rave parties, shopping, discos and all. Well if you are fun lover and wish to indulge in several interesting beach activities then there wouldn’t be any better place than Goa. There are so many beaches in this state and all are well associated with excellent hotels which are in the form of private villas, colonial buildings, beach resorts and five star hotels caters almost every amenity to the visitors.

Precisely called the beach city beaches of the state are divided into two major regions, beaches in north region and beaches in south. Though, both the regions having their own significance but beaches in north Goa are comparing to beaches of south, as these are well associated with excellent hotels and always resound with colourful parties. Well if you are party lover and looking for great beach parties then there wouldn’t be any better place than north region of the state.

Candolim, Anjuna, Agonda, Dona-Paula, Vagator, Cherai, Calangute and etc are the few popular beaches in Goa. Apart from there are many other beaches of tourist interest but beach tour in Goa would not be accomplished unless you do not be a part of several thrilling activities like for what Goa is world famous. Swimming, surfing, Diving, snorkelling, fishing and etc are the few popular beach activities that one can experience during beach tour in Goa.

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Take a Break to Goa and Let down Your Hair to Enjoy the Top Rating Beach Destination of India

Goa is considered as one of the best beach destination for holidaying purpose not only in India but also in the whole world. Apart from its beaches the state is also synonymously popular for its rich culture and historical attractions possess by it. However, Goa in whole is a tropical paradise to the worlds view.

Goa is the one of the tropical state of India located on the south west of the country in konkan region lying near the Arabian Sea. It has a long coastline where the civilization is rooted. However, with the development of ages cities and towns have occupied most of its area but still there beaches remain untouched and has lots of space on the shore. This area where the beaches stay supreme has become the common spot for commoners to enjoy vacation and weekend days in it. Being an open spacy wide spread out area people wishing to escaped from the hustle and bustle busy days of life often come to this place and gather on the coastlines to enjoy some fresh air, fun and enjoyment in it. Thus this is how most of the beaches and some nature gifted areas come to exist in the eyes of the world and become popular as tourist areas.

Today, Goa in spite of being tropical destination, the state faces more and more tourist coming every year and so tourism in Goa remains progressing day by day. Tourism industry is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in this state. Agonda beach, Anjuna beach are some of the favorite beaches of Goa hunted by holiday makers and fun weekend seekers of the world.

Goa weather (see more) during the day time is somewhat a bit humid and hot but offers the best chance for those who love basking in the sun, lazing around on the shore with coconut drinks and juices on hand and is the best weather for water sports activities. Nights bring all the more thrill and liveliness, as they the weather is appropriate with neither too cold nor too hot which best support night camping, bonfire enjoyment and party. Thus nightlife in Goa is extremely enjoyable and so people often look for this time to spend mesmerizing fun and excitement mostly at night.

The state brings out variety of delicious cuisines of Goa with dessert of different taste in its glowing restaurants and cottages found nearby the seashore and markets and shopping also comes to live specially during the fall of dawn and marketing, shopping at this peak hour is the most enjoyable experiences. Even the cities big malls and shopping complexes are wonderful during night time. Thus Goa is quite outstanding and popular for its nightlife.

Goa simply describing is a wonderful place with amazing tourist attractions. A sojourn to this place will give you complete relax holiday of mind and body with new zest of hope and excitement for future and one thing that you should not miss out is the vibrant and colorful festivals of Goa (view more). They speak a lot about its rich culture and heritage. for mor information on goa. please visit my another site http://www.squidoo.com/goa-tourism2

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